A downloadable game

For PC Windows XP and above only.

Author:  Patrick Paglan (c)2001

(Windows TAB version created by catventure in December 2018)

It is an offline, downloadable parser-based interactive fiction game.

This adventure game is text only and of the traditional sort. It is similar to the old Infocom/Magnetic Scrolls/Level 9 type which were popular in the mid 1980`s.

It is also similar to popular 80's 8-bit text adventures created with the QUILL, PAW or GAC adventure utilities.

There are no pictures, sounds, or animations in this game.

The game was converted by catventure using the free TAB retro text adventure and interactive fiction maker for Windows.  Direct Download Link:


Program runs on Windows XP and above. After unzipping  read the "ReadMe" help text file for further information. Run the "4Dragons.exe" application to load and start the game.

[Special Note: It's possible that some virus checkers may produce a "false-positive" warning. You may need to tell your antivirus program to create an 'exception' for the game app in order to allow the program to run]

It is advisable to look at the "ReadMe.txt" file and read the introductory backstory to the game first before commencing play.

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