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A Mini-Text Adventure.
An offline, parser-based interactive text adventure for Windows XP and above. (32/64bit)

Author: John Whatson. 2018/2019.

TAB for PC Windows XP and above version by catventure Mar 2019.

Based on the original text adventure playable online at:

Direct Download Link: http://tab.thinbasic.com/ISS.zip

*Special Note: It's possible that some virus checkers may produce a "false-positive" warning. You may need to tell your antivirus program to create an 'exception' for the game app in order to allow the program to run*


This adventure game is text only and of the traditional sort. It is similar to the old Infocom/Magnetic Scrolls/Level 9 type which were popular in the mid 1980`s.
It is also similar to popular 80's 8-bit text adventures created with the QUILL, PAW or GAC adventure utilities.
There are no pictures animations in this particular TAB game.

However, there is a background music track. (Music credit: Eric Matyas; soundimage.org) and a couple of sound samples.

This demo is not a big game, more of a mini-adventure really.
It is, however, fully solvable and save/load enabled. The puzzles are not too difficult. Beginners or experienced adventurers *should* have little trouble in completing the game - eventually...

In this game you are an astronaut on the International Space Station. You awake in your cabin to hear the warning sounds of an emergency siren. Now play on...


Run the "ISS.exe" application and the adventure will load.

*Special Note: It's possible that some virus checkers may produce a "false-positive" warning. You may need to tell your antivirus program to create an 'exception' for the game app in order to allow the program to run*

You give instructions and communicate with the program by typing in commands at an input prompt in the lower textbox such as "What now?" A flashing cursor indicates that the game is waiting for you to type your command in.
If you delay too long then a "Time Passes" prompt will appear and you will lose a turn at the game!
You are not penalised for incorrect input.

Commands usually consist of TWO WORDS; a verb and a noun

eg: get rope

although longer phrases will sometimes need to be typed!

Commands are separated by "and", "then", " and then", a comma (,) or a full stop (.)

The parser also understands "it" and "them" eg:

get rope,examine it then drop it
get rope
examine it
drop it
use crowbar

You can examine/search objects you may find or characters you may meet eg:

examine jar
exam boat
x fisherman

There are other useful verbs which the game recognizes, but it is
left to the player to discover these by himself/herself.

There are also some special system commands:

look or l - describes current location, exits, objects etc.

i or inventory - lists objects carried and worn

brief - print abbreviated location description

verbose - print full location description

exits - toggle exit listing on/off

g or again - repeat previous command time - show current game time

quit or q - asks if you are sure you want to quit

restart - start adventure from beginning

help - help commands summary

save - will save a game position
load - load a previously saved game position wait or z - let a turn pass

quicksave/qs - save a temporary game position snapshot

quickload/ql - load a 'quicksaved' game position snapshot

transcript on - record/log a game transcript

transcript off - stop recording the transcript text file.

sounds off - turn music and sfx off

sounds on - turn music and sfx on


You must get to the station's main computer and find out what is causing the emergency and put things right before time runs out!

Good Luck and Happy Adventuring!


This software is provided 'AS IS' without warranty of any kind,
either expressed or implied. By using it you agree to accept
the entire risk as to the quality and performance of the program.
This software is not guaranteed to perform properly on all systems
or under all circumstances. The author assumes no responsiblity
for errors or damages that may occur from the use of this software.


John Whatson (c)2018/2019

Please note the game has also been adapted for 8-bit versions eg: ZX Spectrum 48k; Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64 using PAW or DAAD conversions by Gareth Pitchford at:


 catventure: "Thinbasic Adventure Builder"

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